I am a writer and dog lover living in the Turtle Bay section of Manhattan. I love to walk, garden, star gaze, stare at art of all kinds, and read. Every day, despite my somewhat melancholy nature, I am struck by “The wonder of all wonders that the beings are,” as the German philosopher Heidegger once pointed out.

For most of my work life, I edited, rewrote, styled, and proofread the words of others. I researched and chose photographs and art work for bound books and online publications. Now I am dedicating my time to my own writings, mainly, poems and short prose. I have also begun to study philosophy and to experiment with a spontaneous form of abstract painting, under the tutelage of artist Ellen McKay.

I have practiced the Yang form of Tai Chi (sword and push hands) with Maggie Newman and Tom Daly for the past 23 years, and still feel like a beginner. The form, with its emphasis on “investment in loss” and “starting something in motion, then following it, “informs” every aspect of my life. Recently, I have begun to practice Tai Chi Chih  and Qigong as well. 

To contact me: Dial 917-612-9119, or write to joanlauripoole@gmail.com.

Credit: Joan Lauri Poole, J Star Trails, 2018.

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