Joan Lauri Poole is a writer and dog lover living in the Turtle Bay section of Manhattan. She loves to walk, garden, stare at art of all kinds, star gaze, and read. Every day, despite her somewhat melancholy nature, she is struck by “The wonder of all wonders that the beings are,” as the German philosopher Heidegger once pointed out.

For most of her work life, Joan edited, rewrote, styled, and proofread the words of others. She researched and chose photographs and art work for bound books and online publications. Now she is focusing on her own writings, mainly, poems and short prose. She has also begun to experiment with a spontaneous form of abstract painting, under the tutelage of artist Ellen McKay.

Joan has been practicing the Yang form of Tai Chi (sword and push hands included) with Maggie Newman and Tom Daly for the past 22 years, and still feels like a beginner. The form “informs” her life in many ways. It is, in the words of Maggie Newman, “an investment in loss,” and a discovery that we are each a “revolving universe.” Maggie taught the importance of “starting something in motion, then following it.” Joan recently took up an offshoot of the form, Tai Chi Chih, with teacher Carolyn Perkins, and has learned many new life-enhancing movements.

Two notebooks & pen

To contact JLP: Dial 917-612-9119, or write to joanlauripoole@gmail.com.


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